Friday, December 2, 2011

New Cover!

I love it. Here's the book description:

What if you could pick coins out of the local wishing well and feel the wishes already on them?

When heiress Nicole Madison crashes into the town wishing well, she finds she can feel the wishes already on the coins and see the ghost on the third floor of the old Miners Hospital. Aggravated by her newfound abilities, she tries to make a few wishes come true and when confronted with the overwhelming emotion of a particularly desperate wish, she is determined to help and rid herself of the coin that won’t go away.

If that isn’t enough, small-town cop, Jake Saunders, can’t decide if he’s still carrying a torch for her, or wants her out of his town as soon as possible. Throw in a confused and vengeful ghost, a search-and-rescue guy trying to find himself, Mad Dan The Radio Man hot on her tail for an interview, and the sculptor determined to turn nude artist, and Nicole can’t decide if her newfound ability is a curse she brought upon herself, or a wish come true.


  1. Diane, this sounds so dang cute! I also printed out the recipe. Thanks so much and I hope you and your family have the best holidays!

  2. Way cool cover! The book sounds wonderful! Can't wait.

  3. Great cover! Super concept. Your stories are alway so original and creative!